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New Release: Prestige – Insane People EP13/12/2016

Alex Prestige has a string of drum and bass hits to his name and now he brings that almighty force to the legendary Serial Killaz label…

Jungle Came First

New Release: Serial Killaz – Jungle Came First EP16/11/2016

Serial Killaz return to their legendary Streetlife Label with their aptly titled ‘Jungle Came First’ EP.


New Release: DJ Kitcha – Tune Fi Tune Dub Fi Dub EP22/09/2016

Hot on the heels of Northern Lights ‘The Assassins’ EP comes another storming EP, this time from Kitcha as a solo artist.


New Release: Upgrade – No Nonsense EP19/08/2016

It would come as no surprise that Upgrade probably wrote this whole EP for a drum and bass hack and slash video game…