New Release: Leaf - Night Time Vultures EP

Leaf makes a welcome return to the Serial Killaz label with a 6 track monster from the depths of doom in the form of ‘Night Time Vultures’. A true mix of atmospheric beats, darkside basslines and a huge slice of jump up vibes. No stranger to the label and with a host of previous releases, it’s no wonder he’s been welcomed back with open arms.

The growling menace that is ‘Night Time Vultures’ barks its angry bassline continuously in true Leaf fashion. Combine this with some clever use of vocal samples, chuck in some skippy hats and you have yourself a well created weapon of destruction.

‘Dodgy Dealers’ takes even more of a darkside stance than its predecessor with it’s robotic, almost machine like structure. If anything created by Leaf was a trip into his mind, this one would probably be it.

Linking up with Too Greezey for ‘Lower Down’ which contains one of the roughest snare slaps known to man. It’s drum programming really rolls this track along at a considerable pace and when you link in some of the other elements, it’s one certified riddim of terror.

‘Gangsta’ features a certain well renowned Mad P sample that’s cemented into the history books of jungle music. It’s a clever refix (as such) that does well to represent its origins whilst creating something completely different. One for the lighter crew - go on, dig them out - that gas ain’t expensive.

Coming to the end of the dancefloor vibes with ‘Sidewobble’ which, in some respects is pretty self explanatory. This track will no doubt hit the spot for the crew that love to ride that twisted bassline vibe. Short and snappy reversed low end that will take down even the biggest of sound systems.

Ending this wicked collection of tracks with ‘Air’, a relaxed trip into the unknown that shows Leaf’s opposite side. One hell of a chilled out vibe that will appeal to the Sunday morning crew coming home on the motorway.

Upfront copies exclusively available on the Serial Killaz shop for one week before general release!

  • Format: WAV
  • Artist: Leaf
  • Title: Night Time Vultures EP
  • Label: Serial Killaz Recordings
  • Catalogue: KILLAZ046DIG
  • Release Date: 16th November 2018
  • Words: Jamie S23

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New Release: DJ Vapour - Kingston Jungle EP

DJ Vapour continues to steamroll his jungle train across the globe in an attempt to educate the masses as to what REAL jungle should sound like. The ‘Kingston Jungle’ EP is nothing short of a flagship for this conquest and what better home than Serial Killaz’ sister label Killa Dubz, with it’s 100% dedication to the foundation of the Jungle sound.

From the rough and ready breakbeats of ‘Damage Your Sound’ to the rhythmic flow of ‘Back To Skool’, it’s clear this EP was a labour of love for Vapour. It’s about an authentic as you’re going to get in 2018 and bearing in mind the true jungle sound is about 25 years old now so both times and equipment have changed dramatically.

‘B Boy Style’ features a great selection of vocal and riff samples that would have really been at home on a Jungle Mania compilation, it’s slick production and arrangement shines heads and shoulders above any imitation jungle tat that’s been doing the rounds. Fans of mashed up to the point of unrecognition Amen breaks will probably love ‘The Devil’s Lettuce’. It’s unapologetic rave influenced stabs lick the walls of every grimy basement across London and stick to it like a ton of trodden in chewing gum.

An impressive selection of tracks from one of jungles veteran producers who sadly sometimes goes a bit too far under the radar. Underrated and probably underappreciated, Vapour is relentless in his quest for authenticity - and why not?

Upfront copies exclusively available on the Serial Killaz shop for one week before general release!

Format: WAV Label: Killa Dubz Title: Kingston Jungle EP Catalogue: KILLADUBZ009DIG Artist: DJ Vapour Words: Jamie S23 Release Date: 2nd November 2018

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New Release: DJ Hydrid - Puff Puff Pass EP

Sharing his extensive knowledge of upfront jungle production, DJ Hybrid falls back into the Serial Killaz camp with a fully blazed selection in the form of “Puff Puff Pass”. A street tough onslaught of authentic jungle breaks combined with familiar basslines and snappy vocal samples that will no doubt have you calling for the gas canister and a lighter.

Skippy breakbeats and reggae infused vocals set the pace well in the form of the EPs title track and although the tempo is somewhat more relaxed than you may be used to, it’s certainly one for the head nodders, party starters and bassbin huggers.

Intros are most certainly back for 2018 and “Ready to Rumble” doesn’t disappoint in this and every other aspect of the track. Combining elements of 1994, vibrant vocals and one hell of a crushing low end, Hybrid is certainly bringing all the fighting talk to the studio.

“I Challenge You” screams that indirect vibe, sending lick shots to each and every upfront jungle producer across the globe. Featuring a well used vocal sample that really needs no introduction, rolling basslines that are enough to make your toes curl and that ever so popular siren from way back when. Warning!

Layering up vocals and using them as the driving force of a track isn’t something that’s heard as much as it should be. Thankfully “BeatBox” satisfies all aspects of this with some cleverly laid out chops, twists and rolls, all based around some wicked vocal samples. This one is certainly a new take on the current jungle sound.

“Hear The Drummer” is every self respecting junglists dream. Dread Bass inspired reverse basslines, chopped up breakbeats, damn this thing could have been on every Ray Keith set in 1994! If you’re going to draw for an air horn or lighter in the dance, then pull it out all the way through this.

Finishing off with an exclusive VIP mix of Hybrid’s previously released “Moving On” from 2016. A similar take on the original which, in essence is what a VIP is all about.

A high value selection from the Serial Killaz camp with each release offering something different. If you can appreciate authentic jungle, upfront beats and everything in between, this one's for you.

Upfront copies exclusively available on the Serial Killaz shop for one week before general release!

  • Format: WAV
  • Artist: DJ Hybrid
  • Title: Puff Puff Pass EP
  • Label: Serial Killaz Recordings
  • Catalogue: KILLAZ045DIG
  • Release Date: 26th October 2018
  • Words: Jamie S23

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