New Release: NOXXIC, 10AD & Jay Jay - Ride or Die EP

NOXXIC, 10AD and Jay Jay have already cracked open a bottle to celebrate their first release on Serial Killaz, knowing full well it’s going to sail to the top of the charts. Brave talk right? Open up your ear and get your jaw swinging as this is full send, no nonsense jump up of the highest order. Don’t believe us? You know where the door is..

‘Shank’ rips vocals straight from your favourite football hooligan movie although it’s been said that it’s actually Tobie from Serial Killaz having a conversation at the vinyl pressing plant. NOXXIC and 10AD slam in some early 00’s bassline vibes alongside some proper militant beats. ‘Gaslight’ hits the scene just as energy prices shoot through the roof although forget all that bullshit for a second as 10AD & Jay Jay increase their bunsen burners to max levels and light up the dance floor to the point of incineration.

Headlining business in the form of ‘Ride or Die’ which you have no doubt heard all over the place in the last 6 months. It’s unapologetic to the point of blatantly telling you to “fuck off” without having to even mention a single word. Imagine the scenes when this was being produced! Tea cups, keyboards and KFC boxes flying all over the gaff. Rowdy.

‘Fire’ is rough, tough and damn right dangerous so reach for the extinguisher before the dust settles. A T for tremendous effort in respect of production values with one hefty kick drum and a snare that slaps you right in the chops. The rework of ‘Shank’ by Jay Jay has a superb touch of atmosphere about it which switches up the drop no end, stripping things back and letting the lead bass take over proceedings. Two for two as they say.

Serious new era jump up.

Press Release: Dubplate Creative

New Release: Serial Killaz - Utopia | Euphoria

It’s hard to say where Serial Killaz roots lay. On one hand it’s relevant to say hardcore jungle techno but on the other hand, it goes much deeper than that. Influences and experience from way back combine with production excellent here with the double a sided ‘Utopia’ and ‘Euphoria’. A true to form trip down memory lane and if the track names don’t give it away, a quick listen will take you back to the days of early Dreamscape and Helter Skelter raves where music was as fresh as the taste of a Ribena at 6am.

‘Utopia’ opens with bright hardcore piano keys, pads and some all too familiar vocals. Of course Serial Killaz are never going to scrimp on authentic breakbeats and this one is full of them. Combine that with clever melodic switches that feel like a nod to ‘92 and you’re onto a brand new anthem for 2022.

‘Euphoria’ takes the lead of deep and meaningful chords giving the ravers a proper intro, something that’s sometimes missing in today’s production. Hands in the air crew, lighter massive and why the heck not - horns crews if you still have one! If there ever was a tune to pull up straight from the intro, this is probably it.

A ‘how to make an authentic hardcore and jungle mash up’ playbook, provided by Serial Killaz and issued to you for only a couple of quid. Bargains.

New Release: Jaydan - Snake Hips EP

Jaydan’s back on Serial Killaz and it’s no doubt been a long time coming considering the ‘War Clash’ EP was released way back in 2018. Strap in as the ‘Snake Hips’ EP is taking no prisoners with an abundance of fire for your ear.

You have heard the sublime intro pads of ‘Snake Hips’ creeping into DJs mixes throughout the last year which evidently follow with cheeky arpeggiated low end licks to knock your block off. Jaydan sneaks in some tribal breaks along the way, adding some extra bump and grind flex to the dance. ‘Rastaman’ ops for mid 90’s influenced sub shaking bass and tearing midrange from 2000 odd. It’s a crafty combination that has a real smokers vibe to it, chilled yet somewhat dastardly..

A certified Jaydan classic in the form of ‘All That Remains’ will be firmly lodged in your virtual crates for some time to come. It’s a perfect blend of everything you could want from an upfront drum and bass banger and has this talented producer's signature sound stamped all over it. Don’t even get us started on how crisp those drums sound! ‘Vibrations’ and gun fingers go hand in hand, just you wait. Smoothed out pads on the intro flex cause nothing but a false sense of security. You have been warned.

Fire from all parts of the studio and a welcome return to the worlds number 1 drum and bass label.

Press Release: Dubplate Creative

New Release: Sub Killaz & Profile - Nah Time Fi Waste

Sub Killaz & Profile are grinding hard in the studio, putting in plenty of all nighters and supporting the local 24 hour cornershop which can only mean good things for Serial Killaz and loyal fans of the label. This double A side release features two upfront bangers with a slice of dub vibes.

‘Nah Time Fi Waste’ gets straight out of the gate with reggae infused vocal hooks, perfect for the first sign of sunlight you might see this year. It’s honky-tonk piano keys slide all over swing breaks which, if you’re not careful, might give you a permanent neck ache. Just remember, where there is blame, there is most definitely NOT a claim. Nobody made you play this absolute banger 10,000 times.. OK?

Flip over the USB stick, encounter the age-old problem of it not fitting in the slot and plug it back in the way it originally was and you will find ‘Selecta’ and its playful yet gritty bass riff that chugs away at a decent pace, developing as it goes. Chuck in a handful of dub sirens, a couple of rewind FX and some delightful pads and you have another certified jungle slammer.

Press Release: Dubplate Creative

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