New Release: Java - Original Ruffneck EP

Jungle, in its rawest format is certainly not about a kick, snare, kick and a floppy bassline. You can forget this one note bassline nonsense too. Java has obviously answered the call to educate the masses and quite rightly linked up with Serial Killaz to put together this amazing EP for their Killa Dubz imprint. ‘Original Ruffneck’ is coming to conquer, taking down all pretenders in the process.

Metallic timestretched vocals straight out of an Akai sampler, mashed up Amens in abundance and a ton of ragga infused vocals all mix perfectly together to provide one hell of a time warp back to 1993. You can forget your ‘94 or ‘96 influences as this really is a trip back to Dance Trance, The Edge or Love of Life and a real education in how to produce jungle in 2018.

Authentic to the core and with certification from both Graham and Tobie, this EP sits in high regards. It also needs to sit at the top of your Serato crate, don’t sleep on this.

Exclusive to the Serial Killaz shop for one week prior to general release. - Format: WAV - Artist: Java - Title: Original Ruffneck EP - Label: Killadubz Recordings - Catalogue: KILLADUBZ010DIG - Release Date: 14th December 2018 - Words: Jamie S23 more

New Release: Steppa Style & Lowriderz - Underwater

Lowriderz, fresh out of the jungle war comes another heavy slab of unfiltered breakbeat goodness in the form of the ‘Underwater EP’. Featuring the vocals of Russian Dancehall and Reggae MC, Steppa Style, this is another wicked release from the Serial Killaz offshoot label Street Life which once again shows how dedicated these guys are to authenticity.

Lead vocals from the one like Steppa Style kickstart proceedings straight away featuring one hell of a catchy hook that will have crowds chanting for days. ‘Underwater’ is a direct onslaught on the senses with a ton of mashed up breakbeats, dub effects and a short ranged lead bassline that bangs.

‘Eva Load’ delivers some real lyrically education. A great feel good message, excellent double timing all wrapped up in glossy production that this dynamic duo are well known for.

Reminiscent of ‘94 yet as upfront as you could possibly wish for. Street Life and its artists really are a winning combination for die hard junglists of all ages.

Upfront copies exclusively available on the Serial Killaz shop for one week before general release!

  • Format: WAV
  • Artist: Steppa Style & Lowriderz
  • Title: Underwater
  • Label: Streetlife Recordings
  • Catalogue: STREETLIFE016DIG
  • Release Date: 7th December 2018
  • Words: Jamie S23

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New Release: AJ Mutated - Uneasy EP

AJ Mutated, one half of the popular duo Mutated Forms, sets his sights on the Serial Killaz imprint to launch his ‘Uneasy’ EP. A clear choice of label considering the style of fashion of the content. This is a rare selection of jungle breakbeats, hard as nails sublow bass and some wicked lyrics from the one like MC Busta. Rough to the core!

‘Uneasy’ certainly is just that. From it’s precisely filtered out breakbeat intro that delicately flows into a drop it’s total opposite that sets the pace and tone for the EP immediately. Vicious digital bass notes connect almost effortlessly with rolling undertones and short but snappy snare claps. You’re also treated to an extended breakdown halfway through, just for that extra breather. Right?

Wonky, off pitch keys lead straight into ‘Swerve’. A proper dedication to a messy night if you ever heard one. The brain melting synchronisation will either have you reaching for the lazers or camping next to the corner of the bassbin stack.

‘Petty Boulevard’ knocks on the experimental production door with alien like sub bass that would rip through wooden dance floors like a knife through butter. Old school hardcore heads will no doubt appreciate the cleverly adapted samples in this belter!

A ‘PHD In Junglism’ you say? That’s no doubt reserved for the likes of Serial Killaz themselves no? MC Busta would certainly have something to say about that and this killer track which is totally lyrically led is sure to be one of the biggest hits of the year for any self respecting junglist.

Licking off the EP with nothing short of the brutal ‘Pipe Dreams’. A solid head stomper of a riddim that knocks off any preconceptions anyone might have had about AJ Mutated going soft after all these years.

A certified roughneck EP. No further comment.

Upfront copies exclusively available on the Serial Killaz shop for one week before general release!

  • Format: WAV
  • Artist: AJ Mutated
  • Title: Uneasy EP
  • Label: Serial Killaz Recordings
  • Catalogue: KILLAZ047DIG
  • Release Date: 30th November 2018
  • Words: Jamie S23

AJ MUTATED ONLINE Soundcloud | Facebook

YouTube | Twitter | Soundcloud | Facebook more
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