New Release: Furniss - Creeping (Serial Killaz Remix)

“Raise up your lighters in the sky real high” is a line every self respecting junglist knows all too well and if you know your upfront beats then this lyric has already been fixed into your brain for eternity. We are, of course, talking about the original ‘Creeping’ by Furniss featuring legendary mic man Spyda. It’s release in 2018 saw it blaze the download charts and was certainly a standout track the Serial Killaz compilation ‘The Mixtape Volume 2’.

The 2019 Serial Killaz remix takes the vocals and vibes of the original, puts them into a big mixing pot and outputs a ‘Walk and Skank’ affair of epic proportion. It’s no let up attitude means this rework is certainly taking no prisoners on the dancefloor and some may say, it's begging for a double drop to add another dimension of weight to it.

Spyda certainly continues to showcase why he’s so influential to all generations and his unique lyrical delivery certainly cannot be compared.

In true upfront jungle style the remix fits perfectly into any location and any situation. Leave the original for grotty 4am dances for that ultimate pick up. more

New Release: Kastro & Scudd - LDN Ting

London certainly doesn’t need any long winded introduction as to its importance in the drum and bass scene and it’s no surprise that Kastro and Scudd chose to use inspiration from our legendary city for their first EP for Serial Killaz.

The title track ‘LDN TING’ reeks of intensity. If you were lucky enough to visit The End, imagine this going off at 2am next to a gang of gas and lighter equipped corner creepers. Its indestructible bassline riffs coincide perfectly with tough breaks, rolling percussion and a sneaky one liner vocal.

‘Ease Out’ takes a familiar and well loved stance, easily fitting into the Serial Killaz back catalogue. It’s flipped out, relaxed vibes of the intro combine perfectly with the rubberband style bass that certainly takes inspiration from vibes of an era gone by.

If there ever was a reason to kick back and skank out then the half step vibes of ‘Something About You’ is probably your one stop shop of 2019 and beyond. Showing their versatility in numbers here, Kastro and Scudd fire out a right old grumpy bastard of a tune with muddy beats, bass and a cheeky little arpeggiated riff.

Kastro and Scudd split into two for ‘Who We Are’ and ‘Forever’ respectfully. The first being a vocal led box of tricks, initial assumptions bring forth a commercial dancefloor track but that’s certainly far from the truth after the breakdown. Scudd takes the end of the EP and what a way to finish. ‘Forever’ jumps on the vibe of recent months with a bouncy house organ riff and skippy breakbeats.

A clever, well respected package that’s a fine tribute to the many genres, styles and flavours of our capital city. No ramping. Newcastle crew representing hard.

Artists: Kastro & Scudd Release Date: 08th November 2019 Label: Serial Killaz Press Release: Dubplate Creative more

New Release: Dez - Dub Organizer EP

Dez and Serial Killaz have a great history together although he’s been slightly absent from our label for a while now. He’s like that long lost uncle who now and again turns up out of nowhere laden with dubplates which is exactly the kind of relative we like! Dez certainly lived up to expectations this time around with a weighty selection of 4 upfront jungle smashers for his ‘Dub Organizer’ EP.

Laced with Rodigan vocal shots and covered in reggae hooks, the lead tune ‘Dubplate’ takes a normal sub bass and reduces the threshold to below sea level. You would think with this level of low end Dez has some kind of superhuman hearing - that or a few SubPac’s strapped to his chest!

The title track ‘Dub Organizer’ rolls out huge chunks of beats, bass and vocals following the EPs theme of utter speaker devastation. ‘Shine Eye Girl’ throws out a lovely short of breath snare that perfectly slaps heads all over the dance. It also breaks through the mix to perfection, adding a certainly flair to the rumbling low end bass.

Locking things off with ‘Sound System’. A tune quite dissimilar to the previous 3 yet not out of place as you may be assuming. Technical switches in abundance and one potentially aimed as the crews taking it that little bit easier. We rollin’.

Exclusive copies now available on the Serial Killaz shop.

Artist: Dez Release Date: 08th November 2019 Label: Serial Killaz Press Release: Dubplate Creative more
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