New Release: T>I & Saxxon - Sundown EP

T>I and Saxxon combine forces and team up with foundation label Serial Killaz to bring you one hell of a throwback EP. These highly anticipated battle weapons have been waiting for the exact time to launch and that time is now..

The title track ‘Sundown’ and ‘11:55’ have a ton of funk injected into them and no doubt take inspiration from the many big tunes of the golden era of jump up. This is a big bonus and certainly not one single fog horn in earshot.

From the immense mid 90’s vibes of ‘Tracker’ to ‘Silent Earth’ and it's a bucket load of wobble bass, this EP really does demonstrate both producers versatility on the buttons.

What you get here from both T>I and Saxxon is their history and roots wrapped up into one tidy package and who better than to represent them than the Serial Killaz label. A junglist match made by the bass bin.

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  • Artist: T>I & Saxxon
  • Release: Sundown EP
  • Label: Serial Killaz
  • Catalogue: KILLAZ056DIG
  • Press Release: Dubplate Creative

Tracks: 1. Sundown 1. Tracker 1. 11.55 1. Silent Earth more

New Release: Masker - Fully Armed EP

No stranger to shelling down raves and studio sessions alike, Masker is back with a crate of rounds, C4 and juggernaut suits to blow the bloody doors off. Already a firm favourite with the Serial Killaz camp and having released previously via the Mixtape Series, it’s no surprise he’s back at it with his debut EP.

‘Every Ting’ hasn’t left virtual boxes since it landed on dub and with its moody, rolling bassline and instant appeal to double drop it with everything in the same key range, it’s not going near the trash can in a hurry. Dripping in Moschino, sticking to corners and grabbing you when you least expect it.

‘Jungle Lick’ follows suit but in a very ‘95 flavour, another reason why the diverse style of Masker’s production has fallen so well with the label. Atmospheric vibes a run with ‘Hush’ and certainly not one you want to fall into any K hole to. It's horror presence would freak out the dance like nobody's business so it’s probably a good idea to shout the lighting technician to reach for the bright lights.

‘Harmonic Drones’ is a growler with attitude and nothing less. Cooking up some trouble in his studio has led to Masker lashing down all kinds of filth with this and it’s another fine part of this EP that fits the title perfectly.

Title track business ends the EP and ‘Fully Armed’ fills your speaker box full of colour, flooding those all important Serial Killaz vibes from ear to ear. A clever mix from Masker with elements of both his moody, sublow style and good vibes. It’s like a bastard lovechild of good versus evil. Nasty yet satisfying regardless of the dance you’re dropping it at.

Bun it down.

Artist: Masker Release Date: 06/09/2019 Label: Serial Killaz Press Release: Dubplate Creative more

New Release: Exile & Mark XTC - New Skool EP

Mark XTC and Exile have been destroying speaker boxes for years and have certainly produced an anthem or two in the process. Stick that acid face back on and flash up your lighter as this wicked collection of tracks certainly combines the best of old and new. Rinse out!

‘Take Me Away’ comes fully correct with a combination of mid 90’s happy hardcore vocals and gritty, bass notes. Who would have thought the flip of ‘Six Days’ would be creating a storm all over again but in a totally different format? One thing is for sure - it works and does a fine job of crossing a relatively unexplored crossbreed.

The microphone champion GQ provided his calm and collected vocal ability on ‘Instinct’. An intimidating trip through vocal led breaks and nasty bass that instinctively causes front to back head movements. One for the corner shufflers.

Remember The X? How about the label Jump Up? Fear not as ‘New Dawn’ gets a well respected relick with 2019 drums, wonky pitch shifted bass and those silky smooth vocals you may well know and love. One to pull up a second time!

It’s 6am and the lights are on, what do you do? Drop ‘New Skool’ for starters and watch the sea of wide eye ravers spring back to life. This end track to the EP is nothing short of a secret weapon, causing speakers to self combust and the latest pair of Air Max to shred into thin air.

Bag a copy here.

Words: Jamie 23 more
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