Noxxic - Body Drop EP


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Noxxic returns to the Serial Killaz imprint with six unadulterated cuts of pure jump up grot.

Opening with the title track, Body Drop commences with a shredded lead guitar line and cinematic impact hits. A series of risers, snare rolls, and bass stabs later, the track descends into a visceral combination of skippy drums and guttural basses.

Muzo joins Noxxic for Stamina. Ragga samples and chopped up breaks in the intro riddim pay homage to the roots of drum and bass, in juxtaposition with the contemporary sonics present in the drop; think big snares, chromatic melodies, and distorted basslines.

Frequent collaborator and Manchester-based artist Clarkey appears alongside Noxxic on Gunners, a peak-time jump up stomper. Heavy, stuttering basslines interspersed with effervescent leads inject the track with buckets of energy and are primed to make subs rattle.

North West representation continues into Behave, a collaboration with Wigman. Sparse drums and a descending bassline form the foundation of this dark stepper; bass hits and reeses further embellish the track.

Deep End comes as the penultimate track and Noxxic’s second solo offering from this project. Bass hits and wobbles drive this weighty tune forwards, as do harmonic and melodic variations of the main bassline.

Noxxic closes the release with a remix of Jay Jay’s Dip It Low, originally released on the Serial Killaz label earlier in 2023. Belgian laser-like squelches are bound to appeal to jump up aficionados, as are the bass hits and kick rolls found throughout the track.

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Sub Killaz - Wake The Beast EP

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San Diego-based jump up stalwart Sub Killaz returns to the Serial Killaz imprint with four cuts of visceral drum and bass.

Over the past decade, Sub Killaz have concocted some of the most face-twisting jump up to have graced the face of the earth. By virtue of a unique sound characterised by the seamless interplay between guttural sounding basses and tasteful chromatic melodies, a string of releases with Serial Killaz was inevitable as the label continues to showcase diverse musical offerings from the realm of jump up.

Opening with Hacksaw, Sub Killaz pays tribute to the heritage of drum and bass whilst keeping one eye firmly on the horizon. An iconic Cutty Ranks sample is paired with an exhilarating two-step drum pattern and a wobbling bassline which leads into a drop featuring an equally steppy call-and-response bass pattern supplemented with shuffling percussion.

Psycho (in collaboration with Gum-B) draws from another iconic sample, this time taken from the eponymous Hitchcock film. This choice builds musical tension from the outset, only to be resolved after 16 bars by weighty basslines and thumping drums.

Konduit joins Sub Killaz on Train Track. A jungle-tinged intro quickly reaches a furious climax; a syncopated bassline and ephemeral kick rolls marking the end of phrases throughout the drop create a peak-time banger sure to cause some serious damage on the dancefloors.

The title track, Wake The Beast, closes the EP. Descending bass wobs, growls, and stuttering screeches are accompanied by vicious, pumping drums and capture the raw energy of jump up; gritty, playful, and hard-hitting.

Gravit-e - Heavyweight Sound EP

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Gravit-E returns to the Serial Killaz label with five pieces of rolling jump up and ragga drum and bass. Staying true to the EP title, the Maidstone-based artist expands his sonic portfolio in an uncompromising fashion.

Opening with a title track echoing the classic Serial Killaz sound of ragga drum and bass, Gravit-E delivers a feel-good tune crafted for big rigs. Clash-ready vocals coupled with a pumping bassline and fast-paced two-step drums are bound to breathe life into any crowd.

Lovell joins Gravit-E on the next track, Technique. A Kung Fu-sample heavy introduction is indicative of a bona fide cut of jump up. The climax of the track lives up to the promise; rolling drums and a syncopated, airy bassline interspersed with metallic squelches and digital pulses are the flavours of the day here.

As the EP progresses, the track selection darkens with Ediatt. A chromatic melody carried by the bassline, rude vocal samples, and crisp two-step drums peppered with filtered Amens make for a freaky and funky rolling jump up tune set to rattle rigs and bones alike.

It’s Not Real follows, maintaining infernal levels of grit with another brooding piece of jump up. A modulated, low-passed, reese bass evolves throughout the tune, supplemented with a medley of wubs, wobbles, and eerie string samples.

Wicked Love closes the EP with a return to ragga drum and bass flavours. Soulful vocals gracefully dance over an equally soulful melody carried by layered electric and synthesised basses; uplifting and majestic.

Oram Mayday EP

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Having made a name for himself in the land of 170BPM+ breaks and basslines since his debut release in 2021, Oram has continued to supply selectors with tools to tear up the dancefloor. His latest release is set to provide even more ammunition for any DJ looking to draw for high-energy jungle or drum and bass.

Opening with jungly wobbler Like Dis, Oram makes his intentions clear from the outset. A conversation between two staple jungle 808 basslines underpinned by the iconic Helicopter break and tied together with ragga vocals and dubbed-out bleeps creates a heavy tune as fresh as it is informed by the original sounds of jungle.

Dubplate continues to draw from foundational jungle sounds. Driven by the Think break (with additional injections of Amen flavours), dub sirens and 808s galore as smooth patois vocals and MC samples taken from obscure tape packs cut through the mix.

Rising drum and bass star Jenks joins Oram on Golly. Two-step drums, vocal chops, and the sweet sound of a reload sample perfectly complement a melée of distorted basslines sure to take heads off in the dance.

Mayday revives the oldschool jungle flavours with a contemporary twist. After 8 bars of breaks and another 8 of rolling kicks, the shuffling drums are met with a thunderous bassline and distinctive ragga vocal samples.

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