H3nry - Rebel EP

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With a a selection of bangers already released on Dub Shotta and Deeprot, this talented young producer is ready to drop his debut for our very own Serial Killaz Recordings label.

As the name suggests the "Rebel EP" defies the rules of the norm and consists of four tracks which showcase H3NRY's signature style, blending gritty, rolling basslines, tight drum patterns and intricate synths, with drops that hit like a sledgehammer. Highlights include opener "Poppin' Pills" with it's 90's rave hoover stabs and machine gun bassline and title track "Rebel" with it's stuttered ragga vocals and thunderous bass drop. Rise up people and take control!

True Tactix - Ruling Sound EP

After big releases on Born On Road and Dub Shotta, Malaga based duo True Tactix, are set to release their first five-track EP on our very own Serial Killaz Recordings label.

Drawing influences from both jump-up and jungle, True Tactix's "Ruling Sound EP" showcases their exceptional ability to blend genres while pushing their own unique style of d&b. Each track pulsates with frenetic breakbeats, thundering basslines, and the frantic, raw energy of soundclash culture. With this release, True Tactix not only pay homage to the roots of drum & bass but also bring a fresh, innovative twist that will undoubtedly resonate with both longtime fans and new listeners alike. Haul and come again my selectaa!

Temple - Vanguard EP

Brighton-based producer Temple assembles his elite team of drum & bass soldiers to bring the fire on this, his debut release for Serial Killaz Recordings, aptly titled the "Vanguard EP."

This squad of like-minded producers (comprising of Subcortex, Begone, and Holmann) join forces for this dirty three tracker that plunges listeners into a shadowy realm of war-torn landscapes and immersive rhythms.

Characterized by their dark, gritty basslines and tight drum work, each track drops with the weight of an atom bomb. This collaborative effort is a testament to all four producers' skills in crafting high-intensity drum and bass to create a sonic experience that grips you from the first note to the last and refuses to let go.

The "Vanguard EP" showcases Temple and his crew's ability to push the boundaries of the genre, delivering a powerful and unforgettable auditory assault. So run for cover as it's about to shell down!

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