New Release: Jam Thieves - Boots, Beats & Bass (Exclusive USB)

An exclusive USB full of original Jam Thieves tracks and a ton of never to be released bootlegs. Featuring Serial Killaz collaboration 'The Hunter' and many more.

Bootlegs include 'Superstition', 'We Will Rock You' and 'I Got A Feeling'.

These USB's are super limited and when they are gone, they won't ever be coming back..

Included within every purchase:

  • Jam Thieves branded USB
  • Jam Thieves branded USB tin
  • Exclusive Serial Killaz face mask
  • Exclusive Serial Killaz stickers

£30 plus postage.

UK: £4.10 Worldwide: Please ask for postage options.

Purchase via PayPal.

Please use PayPal's goods and services option.

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New Release: Exile & Mark XTC - Pull Up! VIP Business

We don’t need to bang on too much about how successful the original mixes of ‘Take Me Away’ and ‘New Dawn’ were for Exile and Mark XTC. They were obviously very pleased with the reaction though, so much so that the talented duo went back into the studio and crafted VIP mixes plus a brand new tune called ‘Pull Up’. What a treat!

The EP title track ‘Pull Up’ was doing the rounds in almost every DJs set on the planet just before the dreaded month of March. It’s tight yet simplistic style combines effortlessly with filtered out Amen breaks and single note bass stabs that do a great job of shaking whatever is in a 10 mile radius.

Without chucking the anthem status around too much, the original ‘Take Me Away’ was no doubt one of the big tunes of 2019 and the VIP simply adds a ton of variety to the mix whilst maintaining the character of the original. You’re going to love the pitch shifted vocals on this.

‘New Dawn’ also gets a cheeky update, retaining a lot of original elements including the singalong bass riff. One thing is for sure though, this VIP provides a ton of attitude and darkness. A tune that can be taken one of two ways really. You’re either going to look to the floor and shuffle your socks off or stand at the back, disappearing into the shadows. Whatever you choose, this one’s a stinker..

Press Release: Dubplate Creative

New Release: Upgrade - First Request EP

Upgrade’s return to Serial Killaz is like a long lost friend coming back for one last bonkers session. Whatever this guy does simply oozes quality but not the glossy, hand buffed type you may be thinking, no way mate, not in a million years. Upgrade’s production is simply a combination of a raw, no fucks given attitude and years of doing whatever he wants and quite simply - it works. One of the many reasons he’s always welcome at our door.

‘Base’ has already had an exclusive via UKF and caused countless posts of upset regarding the spelling of everyone's favourite frequency. Simply put, if you like a double bass and a ton of heavy breakbeats to knock your block off - this one you. ‘Function’ harks back to Upgrade’s jungle roots with a hard slap of trademark Serial Killaz. A tune no doubt made with the label in mind.

The EP title track ‘First Request’ changes direction, flips the script and does a 360 headspin. Muddy bass, hints of classic beats and some epic percussion makes this a go to intro tune. Listen carefully and you might even get a taste of some Bristol influence here.

Slicing up the end, Upgrade comes with ‘Gangbeasts’ alongside Newcastle donny Scudd. Engage the rebels, stick your head down, embrace the haze and get down to this. Darkside business.

A million streams in a week? Easy.

Press Release: Dubplate Creative

New Release: Exile - Let The Games Begin

Hot from previous Serial Killaz success with his New Skool projects alongside Mark XTC, Exile comes with a solo EP, bringing along a ton of hot vocalists from the drum and bass scene in the process. ‘Let The Games Begin’ includes Spyda, Eksman and Dread MC proving that if Exile wants to bring the heat, he’s going to do it at melting point.

The title track sets the pace from the off with a ruff and ready lead snare that splashes through the track maintaining it’s hard nosed approach. Combine that with a tuff ol’ bassline and it’s round one... fighting time or as Exile likes to put it “Let The Games Begin”.

The midas touch of drum and bass AKA MC Spyda drops his liquid gold vocals all over ‘Salvation’. This one follows suit to everything he’s put his talents to recently, adding a certain touch of Serial Killaz spice to the mixing pot. Put simply, this one rolling!

Gloucester’s very own Dread MC hits the light switch with ‘Eliminate’, taking on the guise of a cyborg which is nothing but fitting to Exile’s dark and mysterious low end. Stick on a haze machine, lay low and activate your guard. Original junglist Eksman squeezes in more Serial Killaz ethos into ‘Blue Print Stamp’ which will no doubt be one of the upfront anthems for 2020 with it’s crushing breakbeats and lyrical warfare from one the scenes veterans.

Licking off the end of the EP, Exile slaps in ‘Religion of Funk’. A dub that’s keen kicking about on the live stream scene for a little while now and certainly rings familiar. It’s mid 90’s influence is certainly clear from the drop and will no doubt be a lead into the next big release from one of the UKs most promising producers.

Press Release: Dubplate Creative

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