Exile - 'Rainforest EP' - Serial Killaz - Serial Killaz

Exile - 'Rainforest EP' - Serial Killaz


Exile - The Rain Forest v12
06 Exile & Dubzero feat. MC Decoy - Rebellion with MC Decoy v5 FINAL.wav
Exile - Sound Bounce FINAL v3
Exile - Left For Dead FINAL
Exile - One Of Them FINAL v3

Fresh from a busy 2018, Exile returns to the Serial Killaz label with his huge ‘Rainforest’ EP. Certainly full of surprises, this collection of beats for your ear is nothing short of diverse and will no doubt take you on a proper trip of the jungle.

Grizzly, grotty basslines drive ‘One of Them’ and certainly follows suit in terms of the tone of the EP. Taking things back with lead track ‘The Rainforest’. Battered on dub for what seems like an eternity and certainly well known for its simplistic high pitched lead riff that has ravers chanting it over and over.

80’s B movies vibes a run in the form of ‘Left For Dead’. A serial head nodder of a track that creates the illusion of running through a dense forest at high speed, getting bashed in the face by thick branches and living to see another day.

Licked back vibes in the form of ‘Sound Bounce’ which switches the pace of the EP down a notch. On the other hand ‘Psychedelic’ takes the trip to another level with layers of crashing breaks, reggae loops and label vibes for miles.

MC Decoy licks shots over ‘Rebellion’ alongside Exile and Dubzero. Combined it’s a raw, unfiltered track with a certain score to settle. Tough lyrics, tough bassline and some natty drum programming equals in a one zero finish.

A great start to 2019 and with plenty more in the pipeline, Serial Killaz are set to have another successful schedule for the year. Hold tight!

Words: Jamie 23

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