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Java - Original Ruffneck EP


Original Ruffneck
Down To Business
Dub Riddim
Easy And Kool
All Girls

Jungle, in its rawest format is certainly not about a kick, snare, kick and a floppy bassline. You can forget this one note bassline nonsense too. Java has obviously answered the call to educate the masses and quite rightly linked up with Serial Killaz to put together this amazing EP for their Killa Dubz imprint. ‘Original Ruffneck’ is coming to conquer, taking down all pretenders in the process.

Metallic timestretched vocals straight out of an Akai sampler, mashed up Amens in abundance and a ton of ragga infused vocals all mix perfectly together to provide one hell of a time warp back to 1993. You can forget your ‘94 or ‘96 influences as this really is a trip back to Dance Trance, The Edge or Love of Life and a real education in how to produce jungle in 2018.

Authentic to the core and with certification from both Graham and Tobie, this EP sits in high regards. It also needs to sit at the top of your Serato crate, don’t sleep on this.

  • Format: WAV
  • Artist: Java
  • Title: Original Ruffneck EP
  • Label: Killadubz Recordings
  • Catalogue: KILLADUBZ010DIG
  • Release Date: 14th December 2018
  • Words: Jamie S23
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