Serial Killaz Present The Mixtape Vol.2

Serial Killaz Present The Mixtape Vol.2 (Full 320mp3 Album)


Considering the original compilation hit number 1 across multiple platforms and was featured in Juno’s ‘Best of the Year’ it’s no wonder Serial Killaz are back at it again. Collecting only the finest beats that fit the brand, ‘The Mixtape Volume 2’ is all about the biggest riddims with not a single filler in sight.

Featuring a ton of A grade artists including Upgrade, T>I, Jaydan, Leaf, DJ Limited, Serial Killaz, Vital Elements, Micky Finn, Aries, Tuffist, Turno and The Ragga Twins it’s certainly going to really be a race for the top spot, let alone a total domination of the download charts when this release hits. Not forgetting Serial Killaz very own nurtured talents including the likes of Xyphon, Nectax, Furniss, Mozey and Kontatk among others. If these names are new to you then it really is a case of get to know!

As a label, Serial Killaz really needs no introduction and with almost 15 years in the business, it's a rare buy on sight label.

72 Tracks for ONLY £8.99!! (MP3 320kbps)


01.Scudd - Lawdamercy

02.Upgrade - Get Excited

03.T.kay - Soundbwoy

04.The Force - Rastafari

05.Brian Brainstorm - All About The Dayz

06.Upgrade - Steel Drum

07.Bassface Sascha & DJ Phlex - Yard Clart

08.Mozey Feat Ragga Twins - Tribal Killaz

09.AJ Mutated - Uneasy

10.Leaf - Buky Skank

11.Jaydan - Vinyl

12.Serial Killaz - One More Time

13.DJ Hybrid & My Selecta - Beatbox

14.Java - Tune Fe Tune

15.RMS - Jungle Demon

16.Mystic Pulse & Fleck Ft Kali Green - Chant Dem Down

17.Limited - Colour [VIP]

18.Vital Elements - Jungle Them

19.DJ Phlex & Bassface Sascha - Babylon Herbalist

20.Lowriderz (feat. MC Smoky Dogg) - Monsta

21.Java and Paul Movement - Tour

22.Xyphon - Murda

23.Furniss Feat MC Spyda - Creeping

24.Jaydan - War Clash

25.K Jah - Soundbwoy

26.Serial Killaz & Ragga Twins - Duppy Sound (Audiomission Remix)

27.Upgrade - Murderer (Vital Elements Jungle Remix)

28.Vital Elements & Micky Finn - Double Time

29.K Jah - Soundbwoy Killing

30.Sound Energy - Flux

31.Leaf - Ultra Dub

32.Scudd - 92

33.Nectax - Paradox

34.Aries & Tuffist - Love Has Gone

35.Selecta J-Man & VInyl Junkie - Buss it

36.Xyphon - Now Hear Dis

37.Serial Killaz - The Licence Remix (2018 Remaster)

38.Mozey - Back to Funk

39.DJ Mixjah - Boom (Teksteppa Remix)

40.Dubtime & Brian Brainstorm - Murder Sound

41.Dubtime - Badman Nuh Inna Dat

42.Kontakt - Pull Up

43.Prestige - Animal

44.Nectax - Hologram

45.Ozma - Steel Jungle

46.Dez & Turno - Mr Kali

47.Serial Killaz - Killa Clash

48.Stompz - Razorblade

49.Masker - Every Ting

50.Subcriminal - Tingaling

51.T.I. - Cold Cutz

52.Prestige - Visitors

53.Subcriminal - Junglist Yute

54.Upgrade - More (Sub Zero Remix)

55.YT - Save Mi Life (Serial Killaz Remix)

56.Furniss - Warfare

57.DJ Hybrid - Hear The Drummer

58.DJ Limited - Sun

59.Turno - Badman Nah Beg Fren' (VIP Mix)

60.Masker - Jungle Lick

61.Sound Energy - The Dreams

62.Veak - Phantasia

63.DJ Vapour - B Boy Riddim

64.Vital Elements & Kontakt - Witness This

65.Exile - Phychedelic Dub

66.Particle - Silo

67.Veak - Dread Control

68.Scudd & Kastro - Easeout

69.Kastro- Sleep

70.Skantia - Combi

71.Vital Elements - Take Em Down

72.Serial Killaz - Who The Bombaclart

Format: MP3 (320kbps)

Artist: Various

Title: The Mixtape Volume 2

Label: Serial Killaz Recordings

Catalogue: KILLAZLP004DIG

Release Date: 07th December 2018

Words: Jamie S23

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